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An Important Note from Veripet

Please be aware that Pawmit rabies certification donations to vetrinaians, sheleter, animal control, SPCA, rescue orginzations and service providers are not available at this time. Veriet is offering a FREE Pawmit to pet owners which precludes us offering Pawmit certifcation and renewal donations.

Service Providers

Rabies Certificate Groomer

Assured Vaccination

Pet service providers have a requirement to ensure a pet is properly vaccinated for rabies prior to providing their services be it walking, grooming, etc. As a service provider you are most likely also required to maintain medical records of the pet's vaccination status or you must call the pet's vet to ensure the pet is vaccinated. Veripet ensures the pet's rabies vaccination is valid and we maintain the medical records in a safe and secured data system that a service provider can easily access 24x7x365.

Knowlege is Power

For the renter or home owner's association knowing the pet you are allowing into your complex or rental unit is properly vaccinated for rabies will help you avoid situations in the event of a bite or other adverse event. Having an electronically validated vaccination center eases your leasing process and provides a high level of confidence about pets.

How to use a Pawmit

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A pet owner brings their cat to a big box store's grooming department for the first time and either doesn't have one or forgets to bring a print out of their pet's rabies vaccination. Rather than lose a customer and appointment slot, the groomer calls the vet to verify the pet has been vaccinated as required by law. The owner must wait while the vet's number is found, the call is made, answered, and information retrieved. All the while the groomer is losing efficiency by not working on the pet.

A Pawmit eliminates this call, wasted time and effort by providing assuredness of the pet's vaccination status with a simple read and look up of their microchip and display of their last rabies vaccination along with identifying information. The groomer does not have to call the vet, maintain copies of, or review the paper work to ensure it is real and accurate.

Who uses a Pawmit rabies certifice?

  • Animal Control
  • SPCA
  • Veterinarians
  • Proptery Managers
  • US Troops
  • Groomers
  • Borders
  • Walkers
  • Breeders
  • And Many Others

Why a service provider needs a Pawmit rabies certificate

Financial Incentives

Improve your cash flow and maximize return on your resources by having your licensed veterinary staff certify vaccinations. A service provider that has licensed veterinary physicians on its staff may participate in our certification program and receive a certification donation for each pet who's rabies vaccine is certified by its staff and who's owner purchases a Pawmit .

No Cost

A rabies certification is provided to the groomer, walker, border, and other service providers at no cost to them. Simply login and look up the pet's vaccination status using our simple search page to determine their vaccination status.

Assured Vaccination

A rabies tag hung from a collar of a pet is not proof the pet has been properly vaccinated:

According to the ASPCA, only 33% of pet owners put identification tags on their animals, though the vast majority think it's a good idea.

Even a print out supposedly showing a vaccination was given by a veterinarian can be easily forged or photoshoped. At Veripet we "Vet the Pet" and "Vet the Vet" to give the commercial provider a high level of confidence the pet is properly vaccinated.

We also ensure the professional was qualified to administer and certify the rabies vaccination. Many states have requirements that only a licensed veterinarian can give a rabies shot to the pet and we ensure the medical professional supplying to the vaccination status to you is properly licensed to perform the procedure and certify the vaccination so you don't have to learn all the ins and outs of state and municipal regulations.

Be confident the latest vaccination records are secure, up to date, accurate, and not falsified or photoshopped.

Convince and Safety

Veripet provides you with a single safe, secure, and electronic location for all vaccination certificates. Eliminate the need to store and keep updated customer's paper vaccination records, which can be destroyed or lost, by simply looking up the current vaccination status for the pet at the Veripet web site. The Veripet Pawmit certification systems provides a single stop for all the service provider's certifications eliminating the need to maintain separate files and hold easily forged paper printouts.

Our electronic search engine provides fast, simple access to the pet's information for all customers and provides an electronic back up in the event the provider's facilities encounter an adverse event such as a fire, water damage, or break in.

As a registered service provider you may utilize our pet record management services at no cost to you or your customer. Think of the Veripet site as one big electronic filing cabinet where you can safely and securely keep your customer's pet's records for quick easy access.

Eliminate Wasted Time

All too often the service provider must call the veterinarian to validate the pet's rabies vaccination is current, costing all involved (the provider, veterinarian, and pet owner) at least 15 minutes of wasted time. During this "down time" the pet can be come agitated by the extended wait and the provider is prevented from providing services to other customers while their facilities sit idle waiting for verification.

Improved Efficiency

Veripet's Pawmit electronic rabies certification offers the commercial service provider increased efficiency and vaccination assurance at the scan of a microchip or other look up methods. Simply looking up the the pet will display its rabies certification with all pertinent information from the current veterinarian contact information to when its vaccination will expire. Just as important, the commercial provider will also be notified at that time if the pet's vaccination is not valid or is unknown so they may take appropriate action and explain to the owner why a service may have to be denied.

Legal and Insurance Requirements

Commercial providers such a boarders, walkers, or groomers are required by many state and/or municipal laws to verify a pet's rabies vaccination status prior to performing services for the pet. A typical example is the trimming of a pet's nails by a groomer whereby the commercial service provider must be assured the pet is free from rabies before attempting to cut its nails and typicaly calls the veterinarian or reviews an easily forged vaccination print out of a certificate.

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  • Rabies Certificate
  • Store pet's medical records
  • Unlimited number of pets
  • Manage owners, adopters and fosters
  • Receive automated medical reminders
  • Free from advertising
  • Free Microchip Registration automatic microchip registration ($150 value)
  • 24x7x365 Medical Record Access
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