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Veripet's Rabies Reader® app seamlessly connects your Avid MiniTracker 3B microchip scanner and Veripet's veterinarian verified rabies vaccination and other Veterinarian Medical Records.

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Rabies Reader

Veripet's Rabies Reader is a suite of applications developed and offered for use and maintained by Veripet Rescue Association veripet.org, commonly known as Veripet, and were designed to facilitate the electronic storage and easy retrieval of a pet s medical records including their veterinarian certified rabies vaccination. Rabies Reader data clearly displays whether or not the information has been certified by a licensed veterinarian and Veripet's processes ensure the vet's license is valid and current. These applications are available on the web at Veripet's web site for manual entry, at Apple's App Store and on Google's Play Store. The mobile version of the app connects and interacts with Avid Identification Systems Mini Tracker 3B microchip scanner using a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled device to look up the medical records keyed by scanning an implantable microchip.


By law, pets (mostly dogs) are required to be vaccinated against rabies. While Federal, State and local municipalities have specific rules regarding maintenance of a pet's rabies vaccination records, it is generally correct that pet service providers such as groomers, boarders, walkers, etc. are required by law to obtain and retain a pet's rabies vaccination records to ensure they are properly vaccinated prior to administering services to that pet. Absent that proof, service must be denied.

Proof consists of a print out of vaccination information from a veterinarian or a time costly phone call to the pet's veterinarian to obtain written proof of vaccination. In the typical case of a grooming event, lack of vaccination proof can cost both the groomer and pet owner a significant delay in providing service (even loosing the appointment and customer) resulting in less pets being serviced due the time and effort to obtain such proof.

Knowing a pet's vaccination status also helps prevent over vaccination in the event of a natural disaster or when a pet is picked up by an animal control professional. Given that rabies vaccine data is needed to ensure a pet is properly vaccinated and that information is easily accessible by animal control service professionals, pet service providers and others it was apparent that a more secure and easily accessible form of medical record retrieval was needed and the Rabies Reader application and data storage system were developed by Veripet.


Find the Rabies Reader app in Apple's App Store by entering "Rabies Reader" in the search tect and pressing search or enter just "Rabies" where it will be listed under "Rabies Vaccination" search suggestions. Select it and install. Apple Rabies Reader App Rabies Certificate


Find the Rabies Reader app in Google's Play Store by entering "Rabies Reader" in the search tect and pressing search or enter just "Rabies" where it will be listed under "Rabies Vaccination" search suggestions. Select it and install. Android Rabies Reader App Rabies Certificate

Rabies Reader and Pawmit

A Pawmit is a rabies vaccination certification granted to pet owners and accessed by a microchip scanner connected with the Rabies Reader application. This certification employs veterinarian certified rabies vaccination data to ensure a pet is properly vaccinated and automatically displayed for a user by the Rabies Reader app. That information can be confidently communicated to those who need to know a pet s vaccination status such as an animal control officer or service provider such as groomers and walkers. A Pawmit example can be found here.

Rabies Reader and a Microchip Scanner

To access a pet's medical information, a microchip scanner is paired with Veripet s suite of apps that make up the Rabies Reader feature. A web app is available for manual lookup at veripet.org. Using the Mini-Tracker 3B scanner and Veripet s app, a person can scan a pet and have the medical information pulled up on a mobile device making it very useful for animal control personnel to check a pet's vaccination status while in the field. While the data and images are displayed on the scanner connected mobile device, the scanner its self has a LCD display that the Rabies Reader app controls to display a pertinent information set regarding the pet such as its name and vet/owner contact. Utilizing the display is a unique design feature of the Rabies Reader app.