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How DNA Tests Work

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I have a usage, sampling or other question about the DNA kit? We do not manufacture or support the DNA kit you received. The manufacture of the kit will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have and to provide guidance on how to take samples. All questions and comments should be directed to them. Their contact information and instructions are included with the kit. However, for your convince we have reproduced the common sampling instructions on this page

Can you test a CAT, horse or other animal Unfortunately, at this time we only supply canine DNA tests. A cat or other animal can still be certified for a Pawmit rabies certification and provide all the benefits that brings.

Can I collect the DNA myself? Yes, the collection process is very simple and can be performed at home by following the instructions that came with your DNA kit. For your convince we have reproduced the common sampling instructions on this page.

Does DNA collection hurt my pet? The DNA collection is painless. The sterile, gentle polyester tipped buccal brush (swab) minimizes any chance for infection or irritation.

How long does it take to get the results? Results are normally available online in under 2 weeks from the receipt of your sample at the lab.

How do you know which breeds are present in my dog? DNA labs have developed a comprehensive database that highlights the differences between different breeds. By comparing your dog's DNA to others in their database breeds that are present in your dog can be identified.

Does the price of the test include the processing fee? Yes. The price of your test includes all charges.

Can I cancel an DNA test? Yes. You may cancel a test prior to it being shipped or donated. After that point the test may not be canceled. If you wish to cancel other ordered items please utilize our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. The RMA process is for non DNA test merchandise orders only.

Can I return a DNA test? In order to maintain the medical integrity of a DNA test and prevent the next customer from using a test that is potentially contaminated with another pet's DNA, a DNA test may not be returned once it has been shipped from our facilities even if it is unopened.

Why did my test not generate any results? Approximately a little more than 2% of all DNA canine testing will yield results that are inaccurate or cannot be interpreted. This lack of results can happen because dogs have high levels of oral bacteria which may result in degeneration of the sample before the DNA extraction process begins or the lab's DNA database does not have DNA identifers for your pet.

Can I use the DNA profile for AKC validation? No, the AKC requires DNA profiling be performed by thier lab not a 3rd party.

What if there are breeds in my dog that are not in the lab's database? Our DNA test suppliers have a database of validated breeds that cover most common breeds you will find in the mixed breed dog population. If you believe your dog to be a breed not in their database please contact them directly to let you know the status of the breed and discuss your testing options.

Can you validate that my dog is pure bred? No. A DNA Breed test is designed for the sole purpose of identifying breeds found in the genetic composition of mixed breed dogs. If only 1 breed is detected, it could mean that a parent was a mixed breed but your dog only inherited this one particular breed.

Can I use your test to register my dog in a breed club? In most cases you cannot use a DNA breed test to register your dog. For information about registering your dog with the CKC, AKC or UKC please see the links below.

Why is pit bull not on your breed list? The validated breeds are based on breeds recognized by the American Kennel ClubŪ (AKC). The term "pit bull" has come to describe several types of dogs, often of mixed breed, that share similar physical characteristics. There are several AKC breeds with characteristics often shared by dogs referred to as "pit bull" that are in a DNA lab's database, such as American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Bull Terrier and Mastiff, so these breeds could be identified.

How does a DNA test work? When a sample is received a DNA lab it is mixed with a number of chemicals and copied. This process makes millions of copies the DNA that are needed for analysis called DNA "markers". After the DNA is "amplified" by this procedure, it is analyzed to extract information from the pieces and compared a reference database. The comparison database is the key to detecting breeds or health markers. During the comparison process, results for the DNA markers from your pet are compared with marker information from thousands and thousands of other pets such as pure bred dogs to look similarities.

Can a DNA test use blood for testing instead of cheek swabs? Cheek swabs or buccal swabs are one of the most common and easiest ways to collect DNA. At this time we are not offering blood testing however, please contact Customer Service if you wish to have a DNA test performed with your dog's blood.

Do I need to send a photo along with my dog's sample? Please do not send a photo with your sample. However, you may add a photo by logging in to our site and upload one. Adding a photo is entirely up to you. Photos are used solely for your account's display on the site and if you don't send a photo it will not affect your test.

Can you test the DNA from a deceased dog? Please contact the DNA lab if you wish to have a DNA test performed from a deceased dog. The individual lab may or may not be able to extract and test DNA from a deceased dog.

Can you determine the sex or age of my dog with your test? Yes.

Can I test my Puppy? Is there a minimum age? You can DNA test your pet at any age. If you are testing a young puppy who has not been weaned yet we recommend waiting for the puppy to be weaned to avoid cross-contamination from Mother's milk. If this is not possible please make sure the pup has not fed from the Mother or been in oral contact with the other pups for approximately 1-2 hours before taking a sample.

My dog destroyed one of the swabs, what should I do? Your kit included two sterile swabs. One of these is used for back-up. If you are only able to send the lab one of the swabs they will likely be able to get your results for you. If both swabs have been destroyed please contact the DNA test provider to obtain a new set of swabs.

What if my results don't make sense to me? We want you to be happy with your results and to understand them. If you need any clarification please directly contact the DNA test provider and they will answer all your questions.

How do I take a DNA sample? Taking a DNA sample of your pet is simple and painless. Your test will include instructions on how to take a swab sample and we have reproduced them here for your convenience.

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