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Can a CAT or other animal be certified? Yes, any animal that receives a rabies vaccination may be certified and receive all the benefits of a Pawmit.

Is the cost of a microchip procedure included? There is not an additional Veripet cost to microchip your pet if the procedure has already been performed and the chip is working. If the pet is not microchipped the owner will pay the vet's standard fee to perform this painless procedure. The chip's only as big as a grain of rice, and it's usually implanted in the scruff of your pet's neck which doesn't cause any pain for your pet. A typical microchip procedure only costs around $25 to $50, depending on your vet. Additionally, many municipalities, animal control, shelters, recuse organizations and others run special events where a microchip procedure can be obtained at no cost to the owner. This is a veterinarian charge that Veripet does not receive any funds for.

Is there a cost for a vet office visit? There is not an additional Veripet cost to for an office visit to your vet, and there may not be a vet appointment charge if you are seeing them for other reasons depending upon your vet. If the only reason you are taking the pet to the vet is for your Pawmit certification the vet may or may not bill you for an office visit. This is a veterinarian charge that Veripet does not receive any funds for, and the cost of the visit, if any, is solely the determination and at the discretion of your vet.

What if a different Vet administered my pet's rabies vaccination? The rabies vaccination certification can be performed by your current vet. Your current vet can cetify the rabies data by performing whatever level of due diligence they are comfortable with be it a phone call to the administering physician, inspection of paperwork or other means.

Is the cost of a rabbies vaccination procedure included? There is not an additional cost to vaccinate your pet if the procedure has already been performed and a booster is not needed. If the pet is not vaccinated or a previous vaccination cannot be verified the owner will pay the vet's standard fee to have the pet vaccinated. The owner will also pay the vet's fee each time a booster is needed. We ask the veterinary professional to administer the longest lasting vaccination medication (4 years) which reduces the number of times a booster and payment is needed. This is a veterinarian charge that Veripet does not receive any funds for.

Do I have to take my pet to the vet? No, a vet visit is not absolutely required. However, a veterinary visit is required if your pet does not have a working microchip, is not vaccinated against rabies or if your current vet is in doubt about the validity of the vaccination. A visit to the vet is at the sole discretion of your vet.

Where is my pet's Pawmit? You may check the status of your pet's Pawmit processing here. Choose your pet and you will be taken to our Pawmit status page. Once all the information is provided and, vet certified your Pawmit will be issued by the Veripet staff.

Does the price include all fees? The price of Pawmit certification includes all Veripet fees but does not include veterinarian fees for procedures required to obtain your certification. If not previously performed, the cost of a rabies vaccination or the microchipping procedure(s) are addtional normal fees which may be charged and collected by your vet. If your pet is already microchipped and vaccinated the vet will not charge you again for these. A vet may also charge for an office visit if the certification procedure is not being performed as part of another scheduled visit. These are veterinarian charges that Veripet does not receive any funds for.

Why does my pet's rabies information need to be recertified? Your pet's rabies vaccination information may change over time for typical reasons that it will eventually expire or someone has modified the data such as yourself or vet. In the event the pet's rabies vaccination data is modified it must be recertified as per the normal process. There is not any Veripet cost to the owner for recertification due to changed data or when in the normal course of boosters being administered. However, your veterinary professional may charge you a fee for recertification if the certification is needed due to reasons other than a booster being administered. Please click here for details.

How do I add a photo for my Pawmit ? You can add an image of your pet using our pet image page. It is important to note that to protect our site from unwanted images a Veripet staff member will review and approve the image before it will be made available for display.

What if my vet hasn't certified the the vaccination yet? Please send us a comment using our contact page and include your name, the pet's name, and the vet's contact information so we may find out why it is taking extra time for your vet to send us the information.

Can I still get a Pawmit if my pet was vaccinated or microchipped at a free event? Yes. Many times rescue organizations, SPCAs, or other government agencies will run clinics to vaccinate many pets for free or at vastly reduced cost. You may use the information provided by the licensed medical professional that vaccinated and / or microchipped your pet at such an event. You may ask the administering professional to certify the data at our site or bring whatever proof of vaccination your current vet requires and ask them to perform the certification. In either case the certifying organization will receive the Pawmit certification donation.

Are there shipping costs for returns? The customer pays shipping cost to return all items and a refund will be issued less our inital shipping cost as per our refund terms.

How do I return merchandise after it has been shipped? If you wish to return merchandise please utilize our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. Please see our refund terms.

Why can't my vet access or find my pet? The two most likely reasons your vet cannot access or find your pet's data is that they have not been granted access to the data by you, or you may have chosen the wrong vet. We only grant data access to your vet after you have authorized them to access that data by selected them as your current vet from the vet setting page. On this page you will find a chooser icon which will allow you to pick a vet. If you cannot locate you vet on our vet search page you may enter a vet request to have a Veripet representative contact and register them on your behalf. Once registered, Veripet will also select the vet for your pet if you tell us the pet name in the request.

Why do I need to login to order a Pawmit certification? An account is important so that we can provide security and certainty that your veterinarian has certified your pet's rabies vaccination. An account is required so that you can store information about your pet(s) and we can send you notifications once your results and certification are avaliable.

What information is required for my pet's Pawmit ?

How do I get my pet's Pawmit?

Please note that your veterinarian must be registered as a service provider at the Veripet site which we will do for them if you request us to.

What items are waiting to be completed for my pet's Pawmit? / Will my Pawmit be automatically issued? You may check the status of your Pawmit requirements by logging into our site and navigating to your pet's medical record pages. You may also check the Pawmit status at the main medical record page where there is a link on the bottom of the page to check your pet's Pawmit status.

What do the vaccination and microchip procedures cost? While costs will vary from vet to vet the average cost to have a microchip implanted by a veterinarian is around $45, which is a one-time fee and often includes registration in a pet recovery database. If your pet was adopted from a shelter or purchased from a breeder, your pet may already have a microchip but it may not be registered.

The typical cost for a rabies vaccination is around $20, however many municipalities, rescues, and SPCA organizations hold free or vastly reduced cost vaccination events where they will provide subsidized microchips and rabies vaccinations. Your pet can still obtain their Pawmit if you participate in one of these events. More details can be found here.

Can my pet have more than one microchip? Yes. A pet may have up to 3 identification numbers. A typical example when a pet is microchipped in the USA with the ISO standard FDX-B chip and travels to a foreign country such as Hong Kong where a requirement for a pet to enter the country is they must be microchipped with the Hong Kong standard type chip. The primary microchip number is entered on the primary information page while that and up to 2 other identification numbers can be entered on extra information page.

Do you store my credit card information? No. We do not store any credit information on our site. Our credit card processor provides us a methodology which ensures that, other than the last 4 digits of your credit card number, the data never touches our data base. Utilizing this paradigm the credit processor ensures your financial transactions remain secure and in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We store only the last 4 digits so that we may process a refund if you cancel an order.

What is the cost of a rabies vaccination procedure? While costs will vary from vet to vet the average cost to vaccinate a pet against rabies is initially $15-$20 with an additional booster every 3-4 years.

Why do I need to microchip my pet? Veripet requires a pet be microchipped to provide positive identification linking the pet to its medical records. Rabies tags, printed sheets, and other forms of certification are not secure enough to provide assured vaccination to those that require such knowledge. Additionally a microchip cannot be lost or inadvertently removed by a branch or collar failure. A lost pet will be more likely returned to their owner if it has a registered microchip (free registration at our site comes with your Pawmit ). Many countries also require a microchip before allowing a pet to enter their country.

Can you handle an encrypted microchip? Some microchip manufactures encrypt their chip numbers forcing you to utilize their proprietary and captive database to locate a lost pet's owner. Veripet's database is chip agnostic and can handle the priority encryption techniques of chip manufactures. At Veripet you may store and look up the encrypted value of the pet's chip number as read by any regular scanner. While the encrypted value doesn't display the actual chip number, it is just as unique in its encrypted form and fully capable of uniquely identifying that pet and its records.

Why do I need to vaccinate my pet against rabies? For the health and safety of the pet and humans that enjoy your pet's presence your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. This vaccine is usually required by state law and most commercial providers such as groomers, boarders, and sitters.

What if my pet is exempt from rabies vaccination requirements? Exemption from rabies vaccination can be selected by your vet at certification time. There are multiple reasons for exemption such as the age of the pet or a medical condition, which the vet will specify. Your Pawmit is valid for exempted pets.

How long do I have to cancel an order? You may cancel a Pawmit order anytime before you're veterinary professional certifies the rabies data.

What if I have a question not answered here? We are always happy to answer your questions. You may contact us via our contact page. Servicing your and your pet's needs is a privilege and we strive to offer you the best service available. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Free Microchip Registration automatic microchip registration ($150 value)
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