Be Compensated to NOT Get Vaccine Check Calls

An Important Note from Veripet

Please be aware that Pawmit rabies certification donations to vetrinaians, shelters, animal control, rescue orginzations, SPCA and service providers are not available at this time. Veriet is offering a FREE Pawmit to pet owners which precludes us offering Pawmit certifcation and renewal donations.

Veterinary Providers

Rabies Certificate Vet

Revenue / Ca$h Flow / No Calls / Less Wasted Time

Pawmit is a source of revenue, cash flow and a real time saver for the licensed medical professional; certifiy a pet, and eliminate future rabies vaccine check calls for that pet.

Be handsomely compensated by Veripet for certifying a pet's rabies vaccination records. Pawmit eliminates your vaccination check calls from commercial service providers and others which waste 10-15 minutes of your staff's valuable time for each instance a groomer, walker, SPCA or pet owner needs to verify a pet's vaccination status.

Veripet is a Source of Revenue with Repeating Passive Income for the Life of the Pet

What Does a Vet Do?

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Owner optionally
brings in
their pet
Read existing
- or -
microchip pet
Check alteration
- or -
alter the pet
Enter vaccine data
- and / or -
vaccinate the pet
Claim your
Rabies Certificate Request Rabies Certificate Vet





Cash Flow

An office visit is not a requirement if you know the pet's vaccination status


A pet owner brings their cat to a big box store's grooming department for the first time and either doesn't have one or forgets to bring a print out of their pet's rabies vaccination. Rather than lose a customer and appointment slot the groomer calls the vet to verify the pet has been vaccinated as required by law. The owner must wait while the vet's number is found, the call is made, answered, and information retrieved. All the while the groomer is losing efficiency by not working on the pet. The vet's staff gets many of these calls during the course of a normal day and is also realizing a loss of efficiency while their staff answers these types of calls keeping their staff and phones tied up instead of being utilized to service the medical needs of pets.

A Pawmit eliminates this call, wasted time, and effort by providing assuredness of the pet's vaccination status with a look up of their microchip or other methods and display of their last rabies vaccination along with identifying information. The owner does not have to carry papers, the groomer does not have call the vet, or review the paper work to ensure it is real and accurate. The vet doesn't get a phone call wasting their staff's time and resources.

Benefits to your practice

Financial Incentives

Veripet financially incentivizes the licensed veterinary professional for work they are already doing for free, ie: providing rabies certification to patients and commercial service providers:

No Phone Calls

Electronic access to the pet's certified vaccination status eliminates time and cost associated with phone calls from big box pet stores and others checking vaccination status. A typical veterinary practice wastes 10-15 minutes of staff's time per pet per call. A groomer or other service provider whom are legally required to verify the rabies vaccination status of a pet prior to providing their service typically call a veterinary practice resulting in the staff answering the phone and retrieving the pet's information. Veripet's electronic Pawmit system eliminates these time consuming phone calls which distracts your staff from the task at hand, caring for pets.


Pre-certification of data ensures your organization will be the certifier of record and credited the initial and renewal donations when a Pawmit is purchased by the new owner.

An important feature of the Veripet certification program is that it permits a licensed veterinary professional such as an animal control, shelter or rescue organization's vet to vaccinate, chip and/or alter a pet at the time they are being seen and pre-certify the data at the Veripet site. Once the pet is adopted and the new owner purchases their Pawmit, pre-certification helps ensure the processing organization will be the certifier of record and will receive the Pawmit certification donation.

New Cleints

Expands your customer base as a result of Veripet's marketing program which drives highly motivated owners to your practice whom are aware of the procedures and costs required to fulfil their Pawmit requirements. Additional customers add to the profitability of your practice and maximizes the return of your existing facilities and staff.

Additional Procedures

Customers who visit your office are primed and readied to accept a rabies vaccination, alteration and microchip procedure as well as pay for an office visit if needed. As a result of our marketing, your office captures increased cash flow and revenue without having to identify and market to this motivated customer base. Additional procedures add to the profitability of your practice and maximizes the return of your square footage.

Repeating Passive Income

Your organization will be credited a $0 renewal donation each time a pet's rabies booster is administered by you and entered at our site. This passive, repeating income will be automatical credited to your account for each renewal vaccination given to a pet whom is under your care, has a Pawmit and was previously certified by one of your organization's icensed professionals. More information can be found here.

No Sales Effort

Expands your customer base as a result of Veripet's marketing program which drives motivated owners to your practice without marketing expenses, time, and coordination on your part. A distinct advantage to new practices or those looking to expand:

Don't Have Your Identity Spoofed!

Pet owners who are vaccination adverse or even unscrupulous breeders have falsified vaccination records in the past. As a licensed professional Veripet helps protect your good name and license by providing a secure and audited location for your important patient rabies vaccination records; a secure place that service providers, rescues, animal control, and others can look up certified rabies vaccination information.

No Need to Wait for Payment

After entering and certifying the pet's rabies vaccination data and an owner fulfilling the Pawmit requirements, your account will be immediately credited the Pawmit certificatin donation. At your option you may automatically claim funds by requesting payment or have payments aggregated and sent to your bank on a periodic basis.

No Cost / No Cash Layout / No Inventory

The veterinary professional has only upside potential when using Veripet as a source of revenue. There isn't any cost to them or cash layout and inventory does not have to be stocked and accounted for.

No Risk

Veterinarian's Pawmit Process

Identify the Pet

Identify the pre-registered pet on our web site to ensure the microchip number is entered accurately or update the pet's microchip data when the rabies vaccination data is validated. The pet and owner will be pre-registered and data pre-filled to the point where it can save the veterinary professional and/or its staff data entry time. The Veripet web site has a very simple look up tool to enable fast identification of a pet and its owner. The pet's information is available from any smart device and filtered to your existing patient list to make it as simple and time efficient as possible for you to access the pet.

Microchip the Pet

Read the microchip to verify it is working and obtain its ID number. A veterinary professional will not have to re-microchip the pet if the chip is present and working. However, if the animal is not microchipped or the one present has failed to read, the veterinary professional will implant a new chip as an additional procedure and fee billed directly to the owner whom will be pre-motivated to purchase the procedure and is aware of the typical cost.

Vaccinate the Pet

Vaccinate the pet for rabies if the rabies vaccination status is unknown or has expired. Vaccination is performed at the sole discretion of the veterinary profession and is not required if the current vaccination status is known and valid. Otherwise, the veterinary professional will perform a rabies vaccination procedure as an additional service and fee billed directly to the owner whom will be pre-motivated to purchase the procedure and is aware of the typical procedure cost. We ask you use a vaccine with a 4 year or greater life span.

Check Alteration

Determine if the pet has been spayed or neutered. This is informational for Veripet however, you may offer spay or neuter the pet at your discretion if it has not been already performed. The alteration procedure, if any, is optional and billable directly to the owner by your organization if there is a cost.

Take Picture of the Pet

While not a hard requirement but in the interest of furthering the accuracy of identification, we ask the veterinary professional provide or verify an existing pet's image. The current image will be only a click away from the lookup performed to check the microchip data and can be easily uploaded from any smart device via our web site.

Provide Data

Utilize our simple, single page form on our web site to enter vaccination, alteration, microchip number and an optional Image data. To save you or your staff time, our site is configured so that all information available will be pre-filled for verification or update. If you prefer, print a vaccine certification data sheet available here or from your electronic medical record system and send the information by fax, email or in a message from our contact page. Be sure to include the Pet's ID# as well as your practice's Veripet ID# to ensure prompt payment of your Pawmit certification donation.

Collect your Pawmit Certification Donation

Immediately after the rabies vaccination certification and fulfillment of Pawmit requirements by the owner, the veterinary professional's account will be credited with your Pawmit reimbursement. The owner is directly billed by the veterinary professional for all additional services and procedures performed during the office visit including their visit, alteration, vaccination, and/or microchip procedures.

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  • Rabies Certificate
  • Store pet's medical records
  • Unlimited number of pets
  • Manage owners, adopters and fosters
  • Receive automated medical reminders
  • Free from advertising
  • Free Microchip Registration automatic microchip registration ($150 value)
  • 24x7x365 Medical Record Access
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