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Who are Service Providers?

A service provider is an organization that provides one or more services for pets such as a veterinary practice, rescue or shelter, groomer, walker, border, etc. Some services require certification or a license prior to being permitted to provide such services such as a veterinary practice or a rescue / shelter. Many services do not require licenses such as a walker, groomer, or other commercial entity, however, the licensing requirements are determined by local and state governments. You can learn about Veripet requirements and processes on this page as well details such as reimbursement payments and vaccination requirements on our terms page or on this page

Service provider organizations can create additional accounts for their staff members and register their own and customer pets in order to take full advantage of the functionality provided by the Veripet site.

Service Selection

Service providers can choose optional services they provide. The selected services enable functionality associated with each service and provide structured visibility to the customer when they are choosing particular entities on our site such as selecting a vet to record as their rabies vaccination administrator. Veripet facilitates the user looking up service providers, such as rescues by employing the service options you have selected.

The options chosen here will result in equivalent services being enabled for your organization. You may add / remove services using the My Services page on the user menu when logged in as your organization's administrator.

Customers and Accounts

As a veterinarian professional, rescue organization or other service provider registered with Veripet you have the option of storing your customer data in our system for ease of use and processing when ordering services and/or products from us.

The importance of registering your customers is that it describes your network of individuals and colleague's organizations so that revenue, donations, and other financial transactions may be associated with your organization.


Initial Registration

The user account you create at the service provider registration page will become the administration account for your organization. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you supplied during registration and after successfully confirming that email address you will be automatically logged on to the Veripet system. Once logged on you may add accounts for staff and manage their roles from options on the user menu.

It is important to note as detailed here that you do not have to register a second time to manage your own pets.

User IDs

A user ID must be unique within the Veripet system. It is used to identify the authenticated person, their preferences and roles. Your organization may also create customers (non-account entities) to organize data instead of creating logons / accounts. Please note that user IDs are not case sensitive but passwords are case sensitive.

Service providers usually have multiple users for their organizations; because of this, a shared user account identified by an email address can only identify a single shared user. Identifying the individual user is important for tracking changes to medical data and enabling security rights.

Veripet recommends a service provider utilize unique user IDs for each staff member of their organization who will access our system instead of shared email ID. Each user can still specify a shared email address in their account so that your organization has a common location that your staff can access for important information and confirmations we send.

A self-created user id can be any identifier you like but experience has shown a theme such as last name + first initial (as in "doej" for Jane Doe) works best. A check will automatically be performed to ensure the selected user id is unique in our system as this is employed to uniquely identify the person performing operations such as updating medical records for a pet for audit tracking purposes.

Email Addresses as User IDs

An email address can be used as as a user id but only a single time. However, the email can used as an email address for multiple accounts if you desire to use a shared email for recieinvg notifications. If you desire to use a shared email address then create unique user ids for your support staff using their name, or othher uniquie ID, instead of a shared email address as an user ID.

Staff Accounts

Support Staff

To create staff accounts logon after the administration account is created and add new logons using our New Logon page accessible from the user menu. Once you create additional accounts for support staff they will be able to perform operations on your behalf such as certifying rabies vaccination data for customers. Only accounts you create with access entitlements for your organization will be able to see and utilize the customer data.

Staff Roles

As an administrator you have control over creating accounts and which functions those accounts will have rights to perform. A staff account gains a functional right by the account administrator adding roles to their account and ensuring the necessary licensing data, such as a physicians license is provided. These functions are performed by selecting and choosing the staff member from your My Humans list using the icon. From there you will be able to view the roles a user has and add/remove roles.

Assigning a role to a customer or account grants it rights associated with that role. Typical roles for veterinarians and rescue organizations include office administration, medical staff, or rescue operations. It should be noted that the "ORG ADMIN" role gives a user top level access to all data and functions for your organization. Please use this role sparingly if at all and DO NOT delete the role from your top level administration account. If that happens please contact us using our contact page.

Staff Rights

From the same customer list page above you may also check the rights a particular role grants a user. The rights link on the customer edit page will display each role the user is assigned and the rights it grants that user. It should be noted that only a Veripet Administrator may change the rights granted to a particular role. As an organizational administrator you may only add or remove roles for a user.


Service providers should use an address type of CONTACT when registering for the first time. More addresses may be added via the My Addresses page on the user menu when logged in as your organization's administrator. Each account or customer you create can also be associated with multiple contact addresses.

For efficiency and ease of use reasons, as a service provider, your organization's address will be available for use by your staff members. We ask you maintain at least one CONTACT address as that is the one we look to when needing to contact the administrator of your account regarding any challenges that may occur such as needing to speak to someone at your organization regarding financial or other matters.


As a service provider you may need to have a license to perform certain functions on the Veripet web site. A valid veterinary license is required to certify rabies vaccinations and a valid rescue/shelter license is required to participate in the Donation Pot distributions.


The certification process consists of you completing a successful registration for user our site, including confirming your email address, and then logging in and adding at least one license of the proper type to your account. You may delegate this task to one of your staff by creating a staff account for them and assigning the medical staff role to that account via our account maintenance page.

Once license(s) have been added or modidied it will automatically be placed into the queue from which a Veripet staff member will validate the information provided after which the license will be availalbe for use. A notification email will be sent to the address used when you registered at our site to inform you of the successfull certification process. Details regarding licenses can be found here.


An in-force physicians license is required for a veterinary practice to certify rabies vaccinations and a state/municipal license is required for a rescue shelter to participate in our Donation Pot. Each customer and/or account, including the administration account, can have multiple licenses associated with it for use in choosing who is certifying a rabies vaccination.

Adding a license is accomplished by one of your authorized staff users logging into their account and navigating to the My Account link on the user menu. From there customers, accounts and thier licenses as well as other data may be maintained for your organization. Once a license is added or modified it will only be available for use after it has been verified by one of Veripet's staff members.

A license is a associated with a customer and/or an account. You may create customer only entities and add their license(s) to the new client if you do not desire to created accounts (logons) for each veterinary physician in the practice. In this manner all licenses associated with your organization's physician level customers will be available for use in certifying rabies vaccinations.

It should be noted that veterinary physician's licenses are associated with a state or other governmental agency and as such a physician may possess and record one and only one veterinary physician's license for each location. A matching location check will be performed when a license is used to certify the rabies vaccination.


Certain certification procedures such as certifying a rabies vaccination require a license that is valid from the pet's residence location. The location can be chosen by staff and must match the chosen licensee's and pet's residence state.

Customers and Humans

Customer's Pets

A benefit of a service provider registering its customers with Veripet is that once a customer is registered their pet(s) may be also added. Each pet is associated with a customer and can be selected by name when needed such as ordering or entering the pet's rabies vaccination data.

Listing Customers

You can select a customer to order services for using the My Human List page. Many common customer functions can be performed from that page such as updating a customer's email address for one of their pets. That page is also useful for identifying typical customer settings such as whether or not you have created a logon for them.

Customer Network

When you create a customer using the New Cleint Only link or create a customer with a logon account using the New Client Logon link the customer will be assigned to your organization. You will receive the benefit from the activities of that customer such as honorable mention when the customer purchases a product and a portion of the sale is donated to rescue operations.

When you create a logon account for a customer they will be afforded the opportunity to perform services on their own without further involvement of your staff while maintaining the financial relationship with your organization. All newly created customers will also be able to create customers of their own and have the same network building entitlements as well as transaction sharing as you do, thereby expanding your revenue sharing opportunities.


How to Enter Data

We prefer you enter the data on-line however, Veripet will create the accounts and customers for you. We will accept the information in whatever form you desire to send it be it email, fax, hard copy, etc. A spread sheet is preferable if you are going to email it and should include the user id desired, user first and last names, contact email and/or phone number. You may fill this out and email it back or print and snail mailed to us.

Your Pets

As a service provider you may also take advantage of all the functionality provided by our company including the ability to manage your pet's medical records, and obtain a Pawmit for your pet(s). As you are registered through your service organization account you do not have to re-register to manage your pet's data. Simply use the already available pages to enter and track them as you would your customer's pets.