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An Important Note from Veripet

Please be aware that Pawmit rabies certification donations to vetrinaians, animal control, shelters, SPCA, rescue orginzations and service providers are not available at this time. Veriet is offering a FREE Pawmit to pet owners which precludes us offering Pawmit certifcation and renewal donations.

Rescues and Shelters

Rabies Certificate Rescue

A Helping Hand for the Resource Strapped Organization

Veripet provides the needful rescue or shelter organization free access to a Veterinary Medical Record (VMR) system to help track pet's health history in order to Save More Pets while being handsomely compensated by providing and certifying the rabies vaccination data at the time a pet is on-boarded into the rescue along with repeating income over the life of the pet for maintaining the vaccination data when booster shoots are administered. The rescue can use these new found funds to provide care for those more difficult to adopt pets.

An added advantage for the rescue is free access to Veripet's on-line Veterinary Medical Record system Veripet provides the rescue organization access to this record keeping system to help them track pet's health history in. With our on-line system the rescue staff will also not have to worry about operational computing process such as security, backing up data, etc.

How Rescues & Shelters Gain a Pawmit Donation*

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Recue a pet Vaccinate the pet Enter and
Certify Vaccination
Rabies Certificate Vet
* The Pawmit donation requires the pet owner purchace a Pawmit


A rescue identifies and saves pets from a kill shelter somewhere far away. As the pet's life was to be ended, vaccination most likely was either not performed or the paperwork showing vaccination doesn't exist. If the vaccination proof did exist there is a high probability it will be lost during transportation to the new shelter as many hand-offs of the pet happen along the way to its new home.

A Pawmit helps in this situation by providing a secure and easily accessible source of information for the pet that will never be forgotten or lost in transit because the vaccination status electronically follows the pet and is available with a simple read and look up of their microchip or other search methods.

Assuredly knowing the pet was vaccinated saves animal control and rescues wasted time and money re-vaccinating the pet "just in case" and prevents over vaccination which may result in medical challenges for the pet.

Benefits of a Pawmit for shelters, rescue and animal control organizations

Free VMR

Smaller, independent rescue organizations usually find themselves resource strapped and unable to afford a Vetrinary Medical Record (VMR) system as well as the technical support needed to maintain it. They want to focus their energies on caring for pets instead of wasting time and resources on a software system. To help, Veripet provides free access to a medical record system that tracks pet's health history. With our on-line system the rescue staff will not have to worry about operational computing process such as security, backing up data, etc. They can record everything from vaccinations status, pregnancy, location to social indicators such as if the pet is child friendly, or part of a bonded team that should not be broken apart.

Revenue, Cash Flow, Savings and Financial Incentives

As rescue organization's licensed medical staff can certify and record rabies vaccination data when shots are administered. A rescue organization that has licensed veterinary physicians on its staff may participate in our certification program and receive a certification donation for each pet whose rabies vaccine is certified by its staff and who's owner purchases a Pawmit .

At the time a pet is adopted the recue group can offer the new owner a Pawmit certification on the spot and when the new owner accepts your offer your organization will be handsomely compensated for providing the vaccination data as detailed for veterinarian practices here.

Veripet's electronic rabies certification proccess will save the rescue money by providing the assurance a pet is properly rabies vaccinated thereby eliminating the time and expense of revaccination "just in case".


When an owner purchases a Pawmit rabies certification, a significant portion of those funds are set aside as donations to rescue organizations via our Save More Pets program. Donation amounts are detailed here.


Pre-certification of data ensures your organization will be the certifier of record and credited the initial and renewal donations when a Pawmit is purchased by the new owner.

An important feature of the Veripet certification program is that it permits a licensed veterinary professional such As an animal control, shelter or rescue organization's vet to vaccinate a pet at the time they are being on-boarded and pre-certify the data at the Veripet site. Once the pet is adopted and the new owner purchases their Pawmit , pre-certification helps ensure the processing organization will be the certifier of record to receive the Pawmit certification donation.

Increased Number of Vaccinated Pets

Veripet requires an owner vaccinate their pet against rabies in order to obtain their Pawmit certification. We make it easy for a commercial provider, government entity and others to check a pet's vaccination status and this encourages more owners to follow through on the vaccination process.

Secure Access

The Veripet VMR system is a secure system in the cloud providing 24x7x365 controlled access to pet, provider, and medical professional information. Changes to data are audited to ensure you know when and who has modified the pet's records. Access to the data is not only controlled at the account level but also via our content filtering logic to ensure only authorized persons have access to the pet's data.

Pet Transfers

Know the rabies vaccination status when a pet is rescued and transferred to a new owner. For many reasons the vaccination paper work might not be available for a pet in transit from one shelter to another. The paper work, if it existed at all, might be lost or forgotten to be handed over at one of the many hops a transferred pet takes along the way. Veriept's electronic records follow the pet no matter what and are always available, 24x7x365. The vaccination records cannot be forgotten in a car, van, or lost

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  • Free Rabies vaccine certification
  • Free Microchip Registration automatic microchip registration ($150 value)
  • No renewal fees for the life of the pet
  • Electronic Pawmit certificate
  • Free from advertising
  • Store pet's medical records
  • Unlimited number of pets
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  • Manage owners, adopters and fosters
  • Receive automated medical reminders
  • 24x7x365 Medical Record Access
Rabies Certificate
Rabies Certificate

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  • Rabies Certificate
  • Store pet's medical records
  • Unlimited number of pets
  • Manage owners, adopters and fosters
  • Receive automated medical reminders
  • Free from advertising
  • Free Microchip Registration automatic microchip registration ($150 value)
  • 24x7x365 Medical Record Access
Rabies Certificate

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