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·         Visionary approach to Enterprise Architecture

·         Project Management / Business Enterprise Architecture

·         Deep Dive Technical Assessments

·         Environment Mapping and Documentation

·         Systems Analysis, Design, Development

·         System Stability / Performance Analysis and Remediation

·         Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

·         Brainstorming and Idea Generation



At BSG Systems we move Enterprise Architecture from tactical to a business centric strategy (BEA).  Strategic plans involve the vision, the mission, the guiding principles and the goals for the business while tactical is the hands-on implementation of a project to ensure the strategically plan goals are met.  We look at the big picture to recognize patterns and trends, establish priorities, anticipate issues, predict outcomes, and detail alternatives to employ as necessary. Tactics, the detailed actions needed to meet strategic goals, are then implemented using our client’s in-house resources.



Using techniques and skills honed over 30 years of practicable experience our approach is to use BEA to help your business by educating staff on trends and opportunities, comparing your business with non-competing paradigms and moderating brainstorming sessions to generate new directions or products though strategy, best practices for tools and technologies and innovation support.



BSG Systems provides visionary strategy for program management, business analysis and custom state of the art software consulting services. For 25+ years, we have provided the stewardship and services that solved highly complicated business challenges and built reliable high volume e-business solutions. 



At BSG we are flexible and adaptable to rapidly changing priorities. Our Science and Engineering background when coupled with our culture of being tenacious problem solvers who persistently dig into an issue until it is run to ground leads to successful results; we offer our clients Results not Excuses®.  In additional to our strong technical acumen, we are at ease working closely with clients to understand use case and business rules to ensure plans are properly targeted to the client’s long term strategic interests.



BSG’s clients include some of the largest corporations in business today, including the National Foot Ball League, AXA Financial, Prudential Insurance, Novartis / Sandoz Pharmaceutical and American Management Systems just to name a few.  We have implemented diverse solutions running the gamut from scheduling NFL matchups to maximize advertising revenue to developing FDA validated software systems that bring new life saving drugs to market.



Our top-down design / bottom-up build approach to tackling the toughest challenge is to functionally decompose it into atomic challenges that are knowable and easily solved; then perform a bottom-up build to ensure the nutts and bolts and unknowsn of interfaces, hardware, etc are addressed early in the build proicess.   In this manner a difficult problem is reduced to simple steps ensuring a successful solution to the larger task at hand.  We provide expertise on an as needed basis presenting a single cost structure to our clients at an affordable level and simplified billing strategy.



The latest example of BSG work product can been seen at Veripet Rescue Organization’s web site and their main product, an online Pawmit Rabies Certificate.  There you will find a full up web application designed, implemented and operated by us.  Veripet’s application provides pet owners with an online rabies certificate to use as proof of vaccination for their pet.  The technology used for this application includes HTML5, Java, JSP, Oracle, and SQL.  The web app and site was designed using an MVC paradigm and presented with a restful service interface, plus more.



A typical engagement begins with the acquisition and prioritization of user concerns and completes with deliverables including a detailed report with history and recommendations as well as remediation project plans and full documentation.  BSG Systems’ tiger team partners with our client members and resources on a 1:1 basis to ensure no stone is left unturned in our quest to solve the challenges at hand.   A typical investigation or survey focuses on:



·         Existing system analysis

·         Use case and requirements generation

·         Documentation

·         Database

·         Client devices

·         Application and server configurations

·         Security

·         Performance

·         Maintenance schedule

·         Test plans

·         Patch level

·         Log archive

·         Network




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